At GTM, we fully understand the importance of having reliable and trustworthy products and services. This is why we develop and produce service solutions to satisfy both customer specific requirements and international standards.

GTM Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd, as a leading manufacturer of machined metal parts. We are certified ISO9001:2015 where the Quality Management System (QMS) apply to our core business activities which are “MANUFACTURING OF GENERAL PRECISION MACHINED PART FOR VARIOUS INDUSTRIES”. The ISO9001:2015 elements apply to all activities including resource management, productions, documents and records control, sales and marketing and quality control of GTM Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd core business.

Quality Policy

GTM Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd is committed to provide reliable on time delivery and high quality products and services that fully meet our customers' specified requirements in our business of MANUFACTURING OF GENERAL PRECISION MACHINED PARTS FOR VARIOUS INDUSTRIES. We are dedicated to continual improvements in compliance with ISO9001:2015 and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in every area of our business, so as to achieve total customers satisfaction.

Quality Management System Certificate


Our Quality Control Equipment are always ready to ensure you got the quality you deserved.

  1. Profile Projector
  2. Vision Measuring Machine
  3. Digital Height Gauge
  4. Digital Micrometer
  5. Digital Caliper
  6. ID Digital Caliper
  7. Micrometer
  8. Torque Tester
  9. Vernier Caliper
  10. GoNogo Screw Plug Gauges
  11. GoNogo Ring Gauges
  12. Die Gauge
  13. Microscope
  14. Plug Gauge
  15. Pin Gauge Set
  16. Surface Roughness Tester
  17. Ball Gauge